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Sex Tips and Confessions: Enjoy the Health Benefits of Sex

There are some people who enjoy a good sexual intercourse mainly because of the pleasure it brings. But for the many, they love having sex since this can bring tons of benefits for them.

Having a rigorous and energetic sex can actually contribute wonders both physically and psychologically. With that, you can now tell your ladies that this is not just for fun because of the enhancement it can give to the two of you. So here are various reasons why sexual activities can make you live longer and happier.

Sex Tip 1. It reduces stress and lets you sleep well.

A study showed that people who engage to more sex are seen to feel more at ease, happier and has better stress management. After an orgasm, intense calm and relaxations overcome the humans, making them fall asleep. This is also the best time when they are able to detach themselves from the real world. For those who have a regular dose of sex can attest that they sleep much better at night and they are rejuvenated throughout the day.

Sex Tip 2. Increase in blood flow.

When people get aroused, their blood starts to pump at a faster rate, thus increasing the blood flow in the brain. There is indeed a better performance when there is an increase in the heart rate and more blood pumping through the brain.

This only means that when there is fresh supply of blood pumping through your body, your organs will have a healthy dose of oxygen and eliminates wasteful products.

Sex Tip 3. Good body maintenance

One of the key benefits of sex is that it will help you become fit and makes you aware of your body image. Everyone would love to have a nice physique to have that confidence to be naked in front of another person. But that’s not the only reason! Believe it or not, a hot and steamy sex burns 150 calories every half hour. So the more active you are, the more calories you burn!

Sex Tip 4. It’s a fountain of youth

Did you know that having at least two orgasms a week will increase your life span? Yes it does! Every time you reach that point, a hormone DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) increases in response to sexual excitement and ejaculation. This DHEA will repair tissues, boost your immune system, keep your skin healthy, improve cognition and even works as an antidepressant.

Sex Tip 5. It’s good to have more hormones

In men, their testosterone does not only enhance their sex drive but it helps strengthen their muscles and bones. It also keeps their heart in good condition. On the other hand, an increase in the oestrogen of women will protect them against heart disease.

Knowing these health benefits will surely make you feel wonderful within. You will even notice that the more sex you have, the stronger you become. It’s now pretty sure that you’re dying to have sex with a pretty woman. Do you? Feel free to visit Sydney Escorts Sydney and choose the temptress that you want. It’s a guarantee that it won’t be just the benefits you’ll get, but also the most erotic experience you’ll ever have!

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