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Sydney Escorts Sex Tips: The Do’s and Don’ts of Anal Sex

Even if anal sex is not as taboo as it has been, it is believed to be a little bit ‘outside the norm’. However, even if the anus was not made for penetration, if done properly, butt play can really be amazing.

If you are planning to add anal sex in your sex menu, then here are a few tips on the do’s and don’ts that will surely make your time the most memorable one –to date!

Always use a lot of lube.

Since the anus will never lubricate on its own like a vagina does, using an ample amount of silicone or water based lubricants is very important. This will let your penis slide in and out easily without causing too much pain.

Don’t let her use numbing creams.

Even if there are a lot of numbing creams and gels, do not let her use this even if she is afraid of the pain. Why? Because not having to feel the pain may cause dangers and can seriously hurt her without even realizing it. Instead, take the time to do anal foreplay by using your tongue, fingers and toys.

Don’t forget to use protection.

If you think that wearing a condom is the only reason she cannot get pregnant, think again! Condoms are also used during anal play so that Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) will not spread. Since the area around the anal is thinner, it is easily wounded and can allow STIs to enter the system.

Let her set the pace.

If you want to guarantee the grandest time for you and your partner then let her be in charge. It should always be up to her when it comes to how fast, how hard and how far you can go. Remember that you cannot be as rough you are like when you are having vaginal intercourse. Start by doing it slow, she might want to do it again or this might never be an option.

Don’t penetrate elsewhere afterward.

Never ever put your penis in another part of her body after it has been in the butt! You might have picked up a bacteria that can cause infection. Not just that, it is totally gross!

These rules might seem to be overwhelming on your part but remember that this is for you and your partners‘sake. If you want to have a wonderful night with her, better imply these rules to have a night of thrilling of fun! More so, this also applies to the women of Sydney Escorts Sydney. If they agree with anal sex, then do not hesitate!

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